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Springtime Wall Clocks

Time for Blossoms and Blooms and Other Signs of Spring!

Spring is my favorite 'time' of the year with the reawakening of life from winter sleep in the new buds and blossoms on the trees and flowers.

What better way to get ready for the season then to add a bit of seasonal décor to your walls. An easy way to do this is with a new wall clock. Here I present a selection of lovely scenes of flowers and birds and nature. We all need to know the time at various points throughout our day, so why not have these lovely reminders of the season every time we look at the clock.

Cherry Blossom Festival

Besides being a lovely sign of Spring, the National Cherry Blossom Festival held in our Nation's Capital each year is a lovely way to begin the Season.

National Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington, DC

Source: Ron Cogswell on Flickr



Source: Wikimedia
The Magnificent Magnolia~
A Southern Beauty!

The magnolia dates back 20 million years and is a very hardy plant in southern areas of the U.S., Southeast Asia and South America. It's a flowering tree that graces many a southern city and is a favorite in Savannah, Georgia where I live. The blossoms are beautiful and the scent is lovely. When the magnolias bloom here, I know that Spring has arrived!

Available on Amazon

Magnolias Herald 'Spring in the South'

My favorite locale for the lovely Magnolia flower is in the city of Savannah, Georgia where the magnolia trees blossom early before Spring arrives in other parts of the country. It's a true harbinger of Spring in this gracious southern city. This beautiful clock is a perfect reminder that Spring has arrived in the South.

Daffodils and Dogwood~

Definitely Signs of Spring!


There are some interesting facts about the daffodil. It is the national flower of Wales and it is traditional to wear a daffodil on March 1, their St. David's Day. Various cancer charities around the world, including America, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland, use the daffodil emblem as a fund raising symbol. "Daffodil Days", begun in Toronto in 1957, is the Canadian Cancer Society's fund-raiser where the flowers are offered in return for a donation. And in some countries, the yellow variation of the daffodil is associated with Easter.


The Dogwood tree & shrub grows in warmer climates, such as China and Japan, and is quite well known in the southeastern United States. Those of us here in Georgia love to decorate with symbols of the Dogwood, as it is such a charming southern symbol of this time of year. The term "dogwood winter" is used to describe a cold snap in Spring, as southern farmers believed it was not safe to plant their crops until after the dogwoods blossomed.

Tulips ~


Tulips in Holland. Source: Wikimedia

Tulips, a beautiful perennial, has long been associated with the Netherlands. Tulips from Holland have been well known for many years and there are numerous Tulip Festivals throughout Holland every Spring.

Tulip Festivals abound throughout North America as well, with well-known ones occurring in Albany, NY, Ottawa, Gatineau and Montreal, Canada; Lehi, Utah; Orange City and Pella, Iowa; Mount Vernon, Washington; and Woodburn, Oregon. It's also interesting to note that one of the well-known Tulip Festivals takes place in Holland, Michigan. Seem, appropriate, somehow. :)

A Field of Tulips on a Wall Clock

Colorful Spring Tulips on a Wall Clock
Springtime brings you the beautiful Tulip festivals every year, but with this clock you can have your own tulip festival all year round!
To see the world in a grain of sand, and to see heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hands, and eternity in an hour.

~William Blake

Springtime Birds ~


Birds - Silk Screen Wall Clock
Birds and their songs welcome us. Just like the words in the song "Carry me back to old Virginny" ...'There's where the birds warble sweet in the spring-time', birds are associated with this time of year. 

A bird clock on your wall is a wonderful way to add to your décor.

Spring Buds~

Green ~ A Favorite Color of the Spring Season!

The new green buds on the trees, and our lawns 'greening up' with the warmer weather and spring showers. Nothing says "Spring" better than the color Green after a long, cold, colorless winter season.

What Signifies Springtime to You?

Source: Pixabay

Spring means different things to different people.
What criteria do you use as a 'true' sign of Spring?

  • New green buds on the trees.
  • Garden flowers beginning to bloom.
  • Yard no longer covered in snow and now needs to be mowed. :-)
  • Birds returning to bird feeders and gardens.
  • MLB Baseball Season Begins! (My personal favorite!)

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Autumn Time

We have Wintertime, Springtime and Summertime, but no Autumntime ~ only because no one ever got around to using the word.  Well, if you had a wall clock with a pretty Autumn scene, you instantly would have Autumn TIME in any room in your house.

Wall clocks are both practical and decorative. Everyone needs clocks, so why not choose ones that set the mood for the Halloween holiday or party and all throughout the Autumn and Harvest Time season.  Whether you call it Autumn, Fall, or Harvest time... Seasonal Themes are Perfect!

Autumn Leaves

When one thinks of this time of year, the first thing that comes to mind are the beautiful colors in the Autumn leaves.

The brilliant colors of autumn are shown in the foliage of trees during the Autumn season. Some parts of the country, like New England, attract thousands of visitors each Fall to view the gorgeous Autumn leaves. If you live in the South like I do, the best way to get your 'changing leaves' view is with a decorative clock for your wall.

Grandson in Fall Leaves

(c) Personal Photo
(c) Personal Photo
If I hide in the leaves, I don't have to help rake? 

 My grandson in Iowa found his favorite way of helping to rake the fall leaves. "Just pile the leaves around me, dad, and I'll (maybe) get them into the leaf bags". :)


The Halloween holiday occurs during the Autumn months and what would Halloween be without pumpkins. Have a pumpkin right on your wall with this cute clock!

The origin of Halloween pumpkins (which have become popular as a carved Jack O'Lantern) comes from an Irish Folktale from centuries ago. In Ireland and Scotland versions of Jack’s lanterns were made by carving scary faces into turnips or potatoes and placing them into windows or near doors to frighten away wandering evil spirits. In England, large beets are used for the same Jack O'Lanterns.

When people from these countries immigrated to America, they brought the Jack O’Lantern tradition with them where they discovered that pumpkins, a fruit native to America, make perfect jack-o’-lanterns. So a Jack O'Lantern Clock makes the perfect wall clock for your Halloween decor!  Pumpkins also fit in well with your Thanksgiving decor.

Thanksgiving/Harvest Time

Pumpkins and gourds and sheaves of wheat represent Harvest Time to many, as it's the time to harvest the ripe pumpkin crops in the autumn season.

Decorating for Thanksgiving is easily done with attractive wall clocks


The Time has Come...

As the Autumn Full Moon rises over the countryside, we conclude our tour of this selection of Halloween and Harvest Time wall clocks. Hope you found the perfect clock(s) for your Autumn décor. 

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Betty Boop Mugs and Coasters

Betty Boop Coffee Cups 
& Beverage Coasters Gift Guide

Betty Boop Love and Hearts Coffee Mug
Betty Boop is one of the most well-known and popular cartoon characters in the world.

This page features some of the popular Betty Boop items available today in the category of mugs and cups for the coffee & tea drinkers on your shopping list, along with some fun beverage coasters to place those mugs on. For Betty Boop fans everywhere, these mugs and coasters will be a favorite gift to receive for any occasion.

The Betty Boop character has long been associated with hearts. Her famous red dress and the red hearts just seem to go together as shown on the Betty Boop Coffee Mug above, available on Amazon.


Betty's Creator Animator Max Fleischer


Max Fleischer, Creator of Betty Boop (Source)
Max Fleischer, an artist and animator who was a pioneer in the development of the animated cartoon, created Betty Boop.  Over the years she has been featured in films and comic strips and on TV in cartoon form.

The 'mass merchandizing' begun by the heirs of Max Fleischer brought the image of Betty Boop to audiences today, most of whom are unaware of Betty's place in cinema and animation history.

Betty Boop 1930


Helen Kane (Source)
When Betty Boop was first created in 1930, she was modeled after singer Helen Kane. But did you know that Betty was originally created as an anthropomorphic French poodle?

By 1932, when the first Betty Boop cartoon came out, Betty became a human character. Her floppy poodle ears became hoop earrings, and her black poodle nose became a girl's button-like nose.

She's come a long way from her original character.

(For a complete story of Betty Boop, read her story on Wikipedia.)

Betty Boop Mugs


Betty Boop Travel Mug
A Fun Way to Enjoy Your Morning Coffee When Traveling to Work

Send your man off to work with this creative Betty Boop ceramic traveling mug that proclaims "What's a Girl Gotta DO?"

Betty Boop Travel Mug, Black Buy Now on Amazon

Stopping for Your Favorite Latte?

Available on Amazon

Drink your Latte with this 'winsome' Betty Boop Latte Mug.

Some say that 'Betty Boop' was "High Maintenance"! :) (Saying found on the back of this cute pink Latte mug)

Vandor Betty Boop 14-Ounce Ceramic Latte Mug, Pink PRODUCT

Betty Boop Beverage Coasters

Betty Boop Beverage Coaster

What is a Beverage Coaster?

A beverage coaster is also known as a coaster, a drink coaster, a mug rug, or a beer mat. The idea for coasters probably came from the use of saucers under a tea cup to 'catch' the drippings or condensation.

Coasters are used to rest beverages on to protect a table top or any other surface where the user might place their drinks.

Coasters can come in the form of paper, cork, glass, sandstone, fiber crafts and more and have images of anything imaginable!

Cartoon Character Betty Boop on Coasters!

Betty Boop Beverage Coasters on Etsy

This set of beverage coasters with a Betty Boop design is handmade with plastic canvas and yarn. They can be found in the Etsy Shop called Coastal Crochet Crafts.

The 4 coasters in this set each have a design of Betty Boop. The coasters are created using plastic canvas and acrylic yarn. The design is done in tan, red and black with a bit of gold for her earrings. She sits on a white background. The coasters measure a generous size 4.75 x 4 inches.

Perfect coasters for your bar, coffee table or end table. They make a great gift for any Betty Boop lover.

Betty Boop in Classic Poses

Available on Amazon
This coaster set has Betty Boop showing off all her red dresses.  

A set of 4 glass coasters measuring 4" wide is adorned in pink polka dots.  The set of 4 coasters also includes a caddy.


Betty Boop and her friend Bimbo


Betty Boop and Bimbo starred in more than 90 cartoons between 1932 and 1939 and the Betty Boop comic strip by Bud Counihan between 1934 and 1937.

Her 1933 cartoon "Snow White" (not the Disney film "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs") was selected for preservation in 1994 by the U.S. Library of Congress in the National Film Registry, quite an honor for a cartoon character!

A Mug that Resembles the Animated Character of Betty Boop!

Betty Boop and I hope you have enjoyed this selection of Coffee Cups and Coasters with her Image!

4-Piece Cork Coaster Set

Betty Boop Camper Mug

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Seasonal Jigsaw Puzzles

Fun and Interesting Facts about Jigsaw Puzzles

Source: Pixabay

Did you know that jigsaw puzzles have been around since about 1760?

Once upon a time someone painted a picture on a flat piece of wood, then cut it into small pieces with a jigsaw. Aha ~ now we know how jigsaw puzzles got their name!

The two most traditional subjects for jigsaw puzzles are castles and mountains, though nature scenes are also popular.

The world's largest jigsaw puzzle at the present time has 32,256 pieces and, when finished, measures 17' x 6' (as recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records).  Titled Keith Haring: Double Retrospect, the images are a grid of 32 works from the late pop artist, Keith Haring.

Recently it has been discovered that doing jigsaw puzzles is one of many activities that can help keep the brain active and may contribute to reducing the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.

Jigsaw puzzles make great gifts and can be a wonderful leisure time activity for the whole family.  Let's check out some interesting jigsaw puzzles related to the four seasons of the year!


First Day of Spring - 2022

Garden Stairway Puzzle by Springbok

The Spring Equinox for 2022 occurs on March 20th in the Northern Hemisphere. It's a welcome season after a cold, snowy winter.

We tend to consider Spring in the northern hemisphere as occurring during the months of March, April, and May, although many say that President's Day in February marks the beginning of the Spring season here in the U.S.  Of course it all depends on your specific climate and weather conditions for a particular year.

Spring brings us the Easter Holiday (April 17, in 2022) and May Day on the first of May. April showers and May flowers, springtime birds and butterflies, all are signs of Spring which make beautiful scenes in jigsaw puzzle form.



The Summer Solstice begins on June 21th in 2022

Summer, according to meteorologists, occurs during June, July and August in the northern hemisphere.  Here in the United States, we often associate summer with beginning on Memorial Day weekend (last weekend in May) and ending after Labor Day (first weekend in September).

A 500-piece Jigsaw Puzzle called Summertime

Summer - my favorite season of the year. It's the season of baseball and the 4th of July. Warm days, beach days, vacation time and a time to be lazy. Jigsaw puzzles fit in perfectly for soft summer evenings as the day winds down, or for rainy day activities. I love summer!


Autumn Reflection Jigsaw Puzzle
Fall Equinox

In 2022 the Fall Equinox will occur on September 22nd. The season is known interchangeably as Fall or Autumn. It's also harvest time.

Fall is filled with pumpkins and Halloween, cooler days and colorful autumn leaves, turkeys and Thanksgiving. It's a bountiful season and a jigsaw puzzle in an autumn theme makes for a pleasurable pastime.



Winter Paradise in a Puzzle
Winter Solstice

December 21st is the First Day of the Winter Solstice in 2022.  What first comes to mind when we think of winter is snow. After many years of 'wintering' in a southern local, I have returned to Midwest winters and am experiencing the snow once again.  My yard currently has a look similar to the one in this puzzle. 

Wintertime Holidays

The season of Winter has many holidays. Besides Christmas and New Year's Day, we have Valentine's Day on February 14th. Then St. Patrick's Day brings us to the Month of March where we find 'the season of winter' winding down.

Celebrate the end of the Winter Solstice and look forward once again to the season of Spring with a colorful themed jigsaw puzzle!

On January 29th...

Celebrate National Puzzle Day

by working a Jigsaw Puzzle!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Mellow Yellow Springtime Décor & Gift Ideas

The Color Yellow Gives Us a Mellow Feeling!

Sunflower Photo Print on Amazon

When I think of Springtime, the primary color that comes to mind is 'yellow'. Sure, the new green buds appearing on the trees are noticed as a fore-bringer of Spring, but yellow stands out brightly in the early blooming Daffodils and the golden warming rays of the sun.

Spiff up your house for Spring with Yellow accessories, get a gift in Yellow for those Springtime holidays, birthdays or special occasions, or just add some touches of Yellow here and there for the warm, glowing, Spring feeling the color yellow gives you.

Sunny Yellow for your Wall

To me, nothing is sunnier looking than a Sunflower. Having a Sunflower on your wall is a welcome sign of Spring. Yellow is also a symbol of happiness and hope. No wonder sunny yellow makes you feel happy!

Yellow Bird Song by The Kingston Trio

The song "Yellow Bird", was first recorded in 1957 and is probably best known by Harry Belafonte, but my favorite version comes from MY folk music era by 'The Kingston Trio'. Listen to this mellow music while you browse these Yellow Gift Suggestions.

The chirping of birds is a sure sign of Spring!

Goldfinch Print

The Goldfinch is the state bird of New Jersey, Iowa, and Washington. It loves sunflower seeds at feeders.

This Goldfinch yellow bird photo print by SuRI Photography is available on Zazzle makes a lovely Springtime print for your wall.

Yellow in the Kitchen

Early Morning Coffee on the Deck


Source: Pixabay
Nothing I like better in the Spring than being able to sit outside on the deck with my morning coffee.  The warm air with the scent of the springtime blossoms on the dogwood trees and the twittering of the birds is a very relaxing way to begin your day.

Start your Day with A Cup of Coffee or Tea


...In a sunny Sunflower Mug!

Having lived in Kansas (and married to a Kansas boy), Sunflowers have naturally become a favorite flower in my life and in my home.

This is such a bright & sunny start to my day to have my morning coffee in a Sunflower mug.  Available on Zazzle, this beautiful cup is created by Patti J. Adkins.


Yellow Floral Dishtowel for a Cheery Kitchen

Always Blooming Kitchen Towel
This is a great updated version of the crocheted top towel. Handmade with a fabric top, it buttons securely around your oven or refrigerator door, keeping it where it belongs and handy for you to use.

This is a quality velour half towel in yellow and white with a circle of flowers and the words "Always Be Blooming" in the center. The buckle is orange and yellow with a lining of white flannel to keep it rigid. It is topped with a yellow button.

This cute kitchen towel is available in the Etsy Shop of Grandma Linda's House. Just click on the picture to see a close up view.

Mellow Yellow Home Decor

4-Piece Bathroom Towel Set in Yellow

Fill your bathroom with a whole set of bright and cheerful sunshiny yellow towels and washcloths.

Yellow Duckie Bath Mat

Get whimsical with a 'Yellow Ducky' Bath or Shower Safety Mat.

This fun Duck-adorned bath mat has secure grip suction cups minimizing the risk of slipping in the tub and is easy to clean.




Bring the Color of Spring... Into the Bedroom or Living Room

Available on Amazon
Bring Spring inside by decorating your bed or living room sofa with pretty pillows. My favorite is a design of yellow flowers, like this beautiful yellow Daylily.

This bright flower design will bring a touch of Spring sunshine into your home.

 Yellow Gift Suggestions for Springtime Occasions! 

New Baby, Birthdays, Weddings, Easter Holiday....

Sunny Yellow  Plush Penguin

This handmade crocheted plush penguin toy in a bright yellow color makes a darling baby gift for a baby shower in the Spring.

This cuddly little roly-poly penguin is the creation of Coastal Crochet Crafts on Etsy and is just one of several plush penguins available in traditional black & white and in a wide variety of different colors.

Handmade Paper Quilled Springtime Yellow... On a Greeting Card

Paper Quilling Flower Card for a Spring Birthday
Beautifully handmade in paper quilling, this lovely greeting card is perfect for a springtime birthday.  What better way to add a little sunshine to anyone's day than with this pot filled with flowers!

A pot filled with flowers, what better way to add a little sunshine to anyone's day!

My handmade paper quilled cards are ones that not only can you visually enjoy, but ones that you can actually delight in the feel of them!

This cream card measuring 4½”x6” or 11cm x 15½cm it has been overlaid with scroll paper then a panel of gold shimmer card stock and gold corner edges.

Decorating the middle of the card is a border of white lace, with a gold pot filled to overflowing with various coloured fringed flowers.

Elegant green scrolls and spears of yellow leaves completes this unique floral arrangement.

A printed tag message "Happy Birthday" with white seam binding attached to give it the shabby look.

Perfect greeting card for this special occasion.

Inside the card is a yellow paper insert awaiting your own personal message.

Created by an Australian paper designer using the creative craft of paper quilling, Enchanted Quilling also has a wonderful selection of other cards in her shop that are perfect for other Spring occasions (Easter or Mother's Day).  This card, and many more, can be found in her Etsy shop she calls Enchanted Quilling.

Which is YOUR favorite Springtime Color?

Yellow Lady Bug says...

Plush Yellow Ladybug
Yellow Ladybug

Thank You ~

For visiting my bright and sunny world of yellow Springtime décor and gift ideas


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