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Delightful Dragon Gift Ideas

Plush Baby Dragon in Crochet on Etsy
Dragons are mythical creatures, yet are adored by children as if they were real.  They are legendary creatures who have become real to us through myths from many cultures and now through modern songs and stories. The world of fantasy art and film has made the dragon a familiar being.

It is interesting that what are essentially 'reptiles', (such as snakes and lizards... 'scaly' and not particularly attractive), continue to be so popular. 

Note: Plush Baby Dragon pictured above can be found in the Etsy Shop of Coastal Crochet Crafts

Two different cultures have told us tales of dragons. 

  1. One is called the European Dragon and comes from European folk stories in Greek and Middle Eastern mythologies.
  2. The second is the Chinese Dragon from traditions of East Asian countries such as Japan and Korea.


European Dragons of Folklore

  • In ancient times, European dragons were thought to be 'evil', although in more modern times they are described as being very intelligent with magical powers.
  • Dragons are often shown as a huge fire-breathing, scaly and horned dinosaur-like creature, with leathery wings, four legs and a long muscular tail.
  • Dragons are said to live in rivers or underground caves. They are usually described as having hard or armoured hide, and are rarely described as flying, despite often pictured with wings.

European Dragon Pendant

Dragon Pendant available on Etsy
Wood European Dragon Scroll Saw Necklace

This European Dragon Pendant is the handcrafted creation of Susan from Missouri. It is hand cut from wood with a scroll saw, sanded smooth, and finished with a urethane gel. The dragon pendant is 1-1/2" high, 2" wide and 1/4" thick.

Susan has many talents, as seen throughout her Etsy Shop she calls "Ooh, Look, It's a Rabbit". In addition to her beautifully made wooden toys and other scroll work, she offers handmade jewelry, crocheted stuffies and her own original crochet patterns.

Chinese Dragon

  • Chinese dragons can take on human form and are usually seen as kind.
  • The five-clawed dragon was a symbol of the Chinese emperors.
  • Dragon costumes, usually moved about by several people, are a common sight at Chinese festivals.
  • The Chinese dragon is associated with rainfall and bodies of water.

Chinese Dragon Wall Decal
Bring a Chinese Dragon into your home in the form of a vinyl wall decal sticker.  

Put it on the living room wall as an interesting accent to your decor. 

Or place it in a kid's room for any child interested in dragons.   


"Here Be Dragons"

It was believed that early cartographers described dangerous or unexplored territories with this phrase in Latin, in imitation of the medieval practice of putting 'sea serpents' in blank areas of maps.



"Lived By the Sea..."  Dragons resemble serpents and reptiles.

Sea Serpent Greeting Card

Sea Serpent Greeting Card by Brian_Simes


Playing with Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons: Wrath of Ashardalon

Dungeons & Dragons, a fantasy role-playing game, first came out in 1974.  Today it is recognized by many as the beginning of modern role-playing games.  Commonly known as D&D, the game has fascinated players young and old. 

When my youngest son was just 8-years-old, he and his two best friends spent hour upon hour playing D&D.  I liked the idea of the game because it relied on a child's imagination and the use of social and cognitive skills such as basic math and logic.  The boys consider the game just a lot of fun!

My grown up daughter told me just last night on the phone that she played D&D Sunday afternoon in a Dungeons & Dragons group she recently joined.  No matter your age, role-playing games can be exciting.

Puzzling Dragons

Smaug Dragon puzzle available on Amazon
Smaug Dragon 1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle


The fire-breathing dragon from J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit - In the Form of a Jigsaw Puzzle!

Handmade Baby Dragon Wooden Puzzle

baby dragon puzzle available on Etsy
Wooden Baby Dragon in Egg Puzzle
I love this darling dragon handmade wooden puzzle. It's hand cut from Poplar by Don and Roz Fraley of Versailles, Indiana.  It is a 6 piece "Baby Dragon in Egg" Puzzle that measures approximately 6" high, 4.5" wide and about 3/4" thick. It can stand on its own or can be layed flat on its side. Because all the pieces are interlocking, it can be picked up and turned upside down without falling apart if you don't lay it forward or backwards.

This dragon puzzle can be seen, along with their many other wooden puzzles, including lots of variations of dragons, along with wooden toys and gifts in their Etsy shop called From Tree to Art.

Dragon Day

Happiness is a having a dragon for any occasion.  This gift guide for dragons shows you a few you can enjoy on Dragon Day.... or any day!

Appreciate a Dragon Day!

January 16th...

A special day set aside for us to

 'Appreciate a Dragon'

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  1. Beautiful! I love my dragons in all their types :)

    1. Me too, Holley. Terrific to have a day set aside just to 'appreciate' them. Thanks for visiting.

  2. Love you new blog! Background is really cool too!

    1. Thanks, Mary Beth. Once I saw that background, I thought it was perfect for a gift guide blog! I'm happy you came to visit.

  3. I do love dragons! My son also plays the game Dungeons & Dragons. In fact, I used to play it back in my 20's myself. Everything featured is fabulous, but I especially love that pendant.

    1. That pendant was made by a friend of mine in Missouri. She makes gorgeous wooden animals, puzzles and pendants for her Etsy shop using a scroll saw. I've always admired her work. She's very talented. I think D&D is still popular. My son who played it as an 8-year-old now plays it with his sons! :)

  4. I guess my first dragon encounter must have had to do with Chinese New Year since that's the holiday I think of whenever I see a dragon (well, a picture of one). I love the colorful dragons in parades that are long and fluid with lots of people manipulating them from underneath.

    1. Susan, I think those colorful dragons in parades with multiple people involved are so interesting. They are particularly popular in the Mardi Gras parade, it seems.

  5. I also think of Chinese New year when I think of dragons, but I also remember the medieval knights fighting dragons and rescuing fair damsels from them. Great job on the page.

    1. Barbara, Chinese New Year is the first thing I think of, also, when I think of dragons. Also the fantasy game, Dungeons and Dragons, which my son had so much fun playing as a child. Thanks for your visit!

  6. The Dragon dances during New Year in Vietnam fascinated us no end.

    1. The dragon dances would be so interesting to see, Mary. It's wonderful that you got to see them in Vietnam.

  7. I lived in the Philippine Islands and travelled all over the Far East so I think of their dragons when I hear of them. But now I live in Ireland which also has a long tradition of dragon lore. The Celtic dragons were of 2 types, flying and sea faring. They were considered wise and the ancient Kings of Ireland used them in their coats of Arms. England did too. Arthur was of the Pendragon family....I love all the dragon lore. Beautiful background on your site!

    1. The background on the Celtic dragons is fascinating, Heather. I didn't know that. Thanks so much for telling me about them.

      My daughter would LOVE to visit Ireland - she's married to an Irishman. :)

  8. Dragon Day will soon be here! I think I should give my son a new dragon for Dragon day.

    1. Dragons never seem to go out of style or popularity, it seems. Thanks, Mouse.

  9. I love dragons and this selection of dragons is great. There is a dragon stone carving at the garden center that I'd love to own.

    1. That dragon stone carving sounds fascinating, Dawn Rae. I'd love to see it.