Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Elephant in the Room

Elephants Make Delightful Room Décor

The phrase Elephant in the room is an idiomatic expression used when trying to ignore an obvious problem no one wants to discuss. Since it would be impossible to overlook an elephant in a room, why not make it a focal point in room decor to remind us that all problems are small compared to the looming big size of an elephant.

Lets look at a few decorative elephants and how well they would fit in various rooms. Then see how delightful it is to have an 'Elephant-in-the-Room'.

An Elephant Never Forgets~
And you'll 'never forget' an

Decorate an Entry Way - With this Elephant Print

Place the picture so that it always faces the front door. This will bring good luck and good fortune into the house.  

Wild Elephant Homes

  • African savannah elephants are found in savannah zones south of the Sahara Desert.
  • African forest elephants live in the dense rain forests of west and central Africa.
  • The Asian elephant is found in India, Sri Lanka, China and Southeast Asia.

Elephants in the Kitchen

Elephant Mug
Dream BIG - Elephant Mug

Have your morning coffee with a colorful elephant

Start your day off in a big way with this delightful elephant cup for your morning coffee. 

Elephant mug is a handmade design created by Lisa of Halifax, Canada. Her artistic designs of home decor and wall prints can be seen in her Etsy Shop she calls Wall & Wonder.

Don't Forget the Cream & Sugar

... for your cup of coffee!

Elephant Creamer on Amazon

Elephant Sugar Bowl on Amazon






This set of elephant creamer and sugar bowl are made of glazed white porcelain and are microwave and dishwasher safe. 

The Elephant Creamer has a drip-proof spout and a comfortable handle.  It's perfect for cream or milk for your coffee or tea and also for serving salad dressings.  Plus, it works well for hot or warmed contents, like hot maple syrup, drawn butter, au jus, and gravies.

The Elephant Sugar Bowl, besides being an attractive elephant-shaped sugar bowl, is safe to use in the oven, the broiler, the microwave, and even the freezer. And, it can be safely washed in the dishwasher. 

Elephants in the Kids Room

Colorful Elephant on a Baby Blanket


elephant blanket
Elephant Blanket Crochet Pattern
For new mom's who crochet (or have a crafty grandma), this pattern is perfect to crochet a baby blanket for a newborn nursery with an elephant decor. 

The pattern is an original design created by Michelle of Dover, England and is available as a download in her Etsy Shop with the adorable name Poodle & Pig Pig.

Get some elephant crib sheets to continue the theme.

Available on Amazon
Baby will have sweet elephant dreams on this crib sheet covered with cute elephant designs.

Using elephant decor in a child's room brings about the protective powers of the elephant energy.  The symbolism states that elephants emit an energy of kindness and strength.

Elephant with Baby Plush Toy

This soft and huggable mom and baby elephant set of plush toys are a wonderful addition to a baby's nursery or the children's 'zoo' toys.  Mom is 11" high and baby is 5.5" high.  The set comes stitched together, but just by a single thread, so are easily separated if desired.

A mother elephant and her baby represent a symbol of the love and bonding between a mother and her children.


African Elephants

The Bush & the Forest...

There are two kinds of African elephants -- the Bush or Savannah elephant and the Forest elephant. Savanna elephants live in the open grasslands and, marshes of the savanna zone south of Sahara. The forest elephants live in deep rain forests of central and western Africa.

African elephants are the largest mammals on land and eat over 300 lbs. of trees, leaves, roots and fruit every day. They are now in danger because deforestation and human encroachment is leading to the loss of their habitat. At least the ivory ban since 1989 has helped to eliminate the killing of these elephants for their ivory tusks.

Elephants in the Living Room


Tealight Candleholder with Elephant Figure
Enhance your lighting decor in the living room with this darling elephant with an inlaid silver pattern in a chocolate colored tea light holder set. It would look lovely on a coffee table or end table.

The set also looks lovely as a centerpiece.  It is displayed on a metal platter with pebbles.

Decorative Elephants for your Sofa


decorative pillows elephant design
Decorative Elephant Pillows

Bring a bright accent to your living room with a pair of pillows - one with white Elephants on a turquoise background & one with a geometric design of turquoise and white to coordinate with the elephant pillow. A pretty pair of pillows for your sofa or chair.

Handmade by Joan in North Carolina and available in her Etsy Shop called 'Home Living'.

Asian (or Indian) Elephant

The Asian elephant is also known as the Indian elephant, because they live in India, and throughout Southeast Asia. They are smaller than the African elephant.

Asian elephants are popular in the tourist industry where visitors can experience the adventure of riding in an ornate chair strapped to the elephant's back. Many of these 'tourist' elephants once worked in the lumber industry and are now 'retired'.

Asian Elephants are friendly and are easy to tame; therefore, they have been used as 'beasts of burden' hauling lumber and crops for more than 4,000 years.

They are endangered due to ivory poaching, even though it is now illegal.

Elephants in the Bath


Monogrammed Kids Bath Towel 

Monogrammed Bath Towel
Elephant Applique Bath Towel

This is a 100% cotton towel that is soft and cuddly. It measures 27” x 53”, which means it’s big enough to wrap up in but still small enough for a little one to manage. It's perfect for the beach, the pool or the tub!!

The cute elephant applique is adorable in a blue and green color scheme, but Miss Monogram, the Etsy crafter, will be glad to create one in 'girly' colors, or in a color scheme to match your bathroom. Personalized with your choice of name or initials, her appliqued bath towels are perfect for your elephant decor bathroom.

Check out Miss Monogram's shop on Etsy. She's Katie from Atlanta and she'd love to hear from you. By the way, she has many more designs than just elephants! :)

Step out of the Bath onto an Elephant Bath Mat

Elephant Bath Mat on Amazon

This is a custom-printed bath mat in either poly weave quick-dry or in memory foam luxury mats, created from a design by Daniel Preston.  The design will not fade or peel.

Easy to clean in the washing machine and dry on low.  The mat has a  non-skid bottom.

Elephants on the Patio

Elephant Animal Planter
Elephant home decor isn't just for rooms 'inside' your house.  Bring a touch of the jungle to your garden or patio with this pretty Safari Animal Planter.

The elephant planter measures 12-1/2" x 9-1/8" x 7-1/8" and is made of cold cast ceramic.


Elephant Watering Cans

A 2-quart watering can in the shape of an Elephant will make the job of watering your indoor and outdoor plants a pleasure. 

Choose a basic gray elephant, or get whimsical with a Pink Elephant watering can!


Elephant Accessories Throughout the Home

Elephant Bookends

Sculpted pachyderms in silver finish stand at attention in these elephant bookends, ready to keep your shelves in order. The black stand lends a handsome contrast to this delightful home accent. 

Elephant sculptures in any room will bring knowledge, longevity and success into the home.

Would you Decorate your Home with Elephants? Did You See that "Elephant in the Room"?



  1. What an interesting thought! I never stopped to think that there would be so many elephant related products available. I love the coffee mug - think big - and the child's towel with the elephant the best. You've also provided us with some very good information about elephants in general. Great post and thank you for sharing it.

    1. Thanks for your visit, Carol. I think everyone enjoys elephants, so it's fun to see their images available on so many things.

  2. What a fabulous gift guide! My daughter is a huge elephant enthusiast. She gets so excited every time she sees a baby elephant. Her favorite elephant got broken in her last move. She was sooooo upset. I spent several hours searching for a replacement for her and finally found one. I gave it to her for Christmas which made her extremely happy, but she did not try to take it back with her on the plane. She feared the new baby would get broken. It is waiting for her here, along with a few other treasures that she decided needed to be protected.

    I see several beautiful elephants here on this gift guide that she would love. I'll have to return here when I am ready to pick out her next birthday gift.

    1. Elephants are pretty special for sure. Delighted to hear your daughter is an elephant enthusiast!

  3. Love these elephants, especially the elephant planter and all the elephant baby/kids' room decor. Collecting elephants would be a very easy hobby to fall into with all these great ideas!

    1. Thank you, Susan. Glad you enjoyed my elephant selections.

  4. I love elephants and enjoyed seeing these wonderful gifts. What a brilliant idea putting these gifts together. I am in Phnom Penh now and the elephant is one of their favourite themes when creating crafts.

    1. Hi Mary. So nice to see you. I know the elephant is a favored animal in many parts of the world. How interesting that crafters in Cambodia like to create with an elephant theme. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Birthday isn't too far away now and I am thinking the white sugar and creamer would be a great gift for my daughter.

    1. They are cute, aren't they. Perky little elephants sitting on your table ready to fill your cup of coffee with cream and sugar. :)

  6. That elephant watering can really appeals to me. I think it's really clever.

    1. I like the elephant watering can too, Barbara, especially the one in pink. :)

  7. I love all the options you have shown us. I really like them best when their trunks are in the the watering cans.

    1. I agree. It's fun to have a choice of elephants in different styles and poses, GrammieO. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. I LOVE those accent pillows and the planter. Such cute items.

    1. Me too, Dawn Rae. Thanks for visiting my selection of elephants in gift form and for home decor.