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Wooly Sheep and Lovable Lamb | Gift Guide

Sheepishly Cute and Clever Gifts

Sheep and the little lamb are favorites in all forms. Children love them in nursery rhymes and as plush pets. Sheep are popular as décor and decorations. The sheared wool is favored by yarn crafters who spin their own yarn.

Sheep are raised for fleece, meat and milk and sheep husbandry is practiced throughout the world. There are more than 200 breeds now in existence.

From Big Horn Sheep to the tiny baby lamb, this gift guide will introduce you to many sheep-related items, along with some fun facts about sheep.

From Big Horn Sheep to tiny baby lambs....

*A sheep from birth to one year of age is called a LAMB.

*Adult female sheep is an ewe.

*The male is the Ram.

Brief Facts in the Sheep World

  • Sheep are probably one of the earliest animals to be domesticated for agricultural purpose.
  • Sheep are raised for fleece, meat and milk. A sheep's wool is the most widely used animal fiber, and is usually harvested by shearing.
  • Meat from young animals is called lamb. Meat from older ones is known as mutton.
  • Sheep husbandry has been practiced all over the world, but today sheep production is most well known in Australia, New Zealand, the southern and central South American nations, and the British Isles.

Suffolk Sheep are a Well-Known Breed

They are a black-faced, open-faced breed of domestic sheep from England

The Suffolk Sheep Originated in England


Suffolk Sheep Pair - Photo Print on AllPosters

  • Suffolks were developed in England by crossing a Southdown ram and a Norfolk Horned ewe. The end result was an improvement over both parent breeds.
  • They have black faces and legs, and a large frame, with the rams weighing between 250 to 350 lbs. and the ewes around 180 to 250 lbs.
  • Suffolks are mainly raised for their wool and meat.
Webkinz Sheep on Amazon

A Plush Stuffed Suffolk Sheep...
This lovable plush pet sheep is part of the Webkinz World. It comes with it's own unique special item and special food that can be used online with your virtural pet!

Plush Suffolk Sheep measures about 8.5 x 7 inches and is soft and very cute.

Big Horn Sheep


Big Horn Sheep Art Print
The Big Horn Sheep is native to North America and got its name from their large horns. The horns can weigh up to 30 lbs. on a 300 lb. ram.

Coming to North America originally across the Bering Land Bridge from Siberia, they became the most admired animals of the Crow people, and what is today called the Bighorn Mountain Range was central to the Crow (Apsaalooka) tribal lands. The sheep were hunted for their meat and for their horns, which were used in ceremonies.

Plush Big Horn Sheep

Douglas Climber Big Horn Sheep

This adorable cuddly plush toy Big Horn sheep measuring 8 x 4 x 6 inches is soft and squeezable.  It makes a great gift for children, but also for adults who love the Big Horn sheep.  Displayed in an office, it will generate a lot of interest.  It is nicely detailed and beautiful.  It is part of the Douglas Cuddle Toy line that is distinguished for it's high quality craftsmanship and unique designs. Their animals have very distinctive features, including endearing gestures and expressions.

Black Sheep

Little Black Lamb - Photo Print
In sheep, a recessive gene sometimes results in the birth of a sheep with black, instead of white coloring. These sheep stand out in the flock and is probably where we got the expression 'black sheep of the family' used to describe an odd or disreputable member of a group.


Sheep in the Kitchen...


Sheep Potholders!

The Black Sheep Oven Glove & Pot Holder Set
Bring a sheep into your kitchen with this Black Sheep Oven Glove & Potholder Set. Set includes 1 black sheep with a shamrock on his ... um... backside, among a flock of white sheep on a square pot holder and an oven glove.

Have your Coffee with a Sheep

Black Sheep Ceramic Mug
For your morning coffee, here's a porcelain coffee mug with a black sheep design that matches the potholder set above.  It even includes one black sheep with a 'Shamrock'.  

This makes a really cute set for the cooks on your gift list.

Baa Baa Black Sheep...

Shaun the Sheep
This soft plush sheep is based on the animated television series called "Shaun the Sheep".   Shaun is the very curious, clever and cool leader of the flock.  This 19" soft squeezable plush sheep will bring the lovable character of Shaun the Sheep to life for children who are fans of the animated Shaun, both in the TV series and in the Shaun the Sheep movie.

Shetland Sheep


Flock of Shetland Sheep (Wikimedia)

Flock of Shetland Sheep on the Shetland Isles

  • The Shetland Wool is commercially important to the wool industry of the Shetland Isles
  • Shetlands occur in many different colors and patterns.
  • The wool produced by the Shetland is a valued commodity. Shetlands produce numerous shades of wool colors .
  • Shetland sheep can show almost all possible sheep colors and patterns and eleven main colors are recognized. These are light grey, grey, white, emsket (dusky bluish-grey), musket (light greyish-brown), shaela (dark steely-grey), black, fawn, moorit (reddish brown), mioget (honey-toned, yellowish-brown), and dark brown.

Shetland wool yarn

Handspun Shetland Wool Yarn on Etsy

One skein (4 ounces) of handspun 100% Shetland Wool yarn in green and orange is available in the Etsy Shop of Liliththerat, a knitter & spinner from beautiful Victoria, BC.  She calls her shop The Knitting Rat (because she loves rats) and her shop is filled with beautiful skeins of handspun yarns in a variety of colors and shades, along with selections of her own hand-knitted items.

Border Collie Herding Sheep - A Working Sheepdog


A Border Collie Rounding Up Sheep

Photo Print available on AllPosters

  • The Border Collie is a herding dog breed developed for herding sheep and other livestock.
  • Border Collies come from England and Scotland.
  • Sheepdogs are extremely energetic and acrobatic, and are noted for their intelligence.
  • Border Collies need considerable daily physical exercise and mental stimulation.

Max the Pet Border Collie

A Border Collie named Max - A Family Pet
My brother-in-law has a pet Border Collie (not working) named Max who is confined to his (large) yard by an invisible fence. His home is in the country and the property is surrounded by a forest. Deer often come out of the woods to nibble grass along the edge of the lawn. Max cannot leave his yard (and the deer seem to know this), but he just quivers with excitement, wishing he could go 'herd' the deer. :)
Meadow, the Border Collie

Border Collie in Plush

Meadow, the Border Collie
A plush stuffed version of a beautiful Border Collie

This is an 8 inch plush Border Collie named Meadow, who enjoys herding and traveling everywhere with you!

*From the Douglas cuddle plush toy line. 

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  1. There's something very relaxing about seeing sheep in a lovely green field :)

    1. Yes, isn't there, Barbara? Sheep grazing on a green hillside is such a pretty sight.

  2. Awwww, aren't they cute! Even the ram is pretty! Until I visited Scotland, I had only seen very small clusters of sheep. But in Scotland, there were gloriously large herds that covered the mountainsides. It was a fabulous sight for sure.

  3. My favorite dog breed is border collie - but my childhood stuffed animal was a lamb named Lambie. (I know, very original.) I like the stuffed toy lambs with music boxes inside, that play Jesus Loves Me...

    1. I'm fond of the Border Collie, too, Linda. My brother-in-law has one. "Lambie" is a really cute name for your stuffed toy lamb.

  4. So cute, going to have to hare this with my sister, she loves sheep.....and then pin it too!

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  5. Great photos of the sheep, with some great sheep-related gift ideas.

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