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The Koala and Kangaroo Gift Guide

Roos and Koalas Make Wonderful Gifts

Australian Animals on a Vinyl Wall Sticker

Two Australian marsupials (mammals with a pouch) are popular all over the world and have fascinated us for a long time. One is the kangaroo, the national symbol of Australia. The other is the koala, often referred to as a koala bear, but it isn't really a bear at all. Eighteenth century settlers first called it koala bear because it has a similarity in appearance to bears.

Both of these animals, native to Australia, are popular as gifts in many forms. Browse through this gift guide of a variety of items featuring these delightful animals and see if you agree.


Give a Listen while you read!

Written by Rolf Harris in 1957, 'Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport' became a hit across the world in the 1960s. It is about an Australian stockman on his deathbed. The song is one of the best known and most successful Australian songs.





Fun Facts About Kangaroos


  1. There are 47 species of "roos."
  2. Kangaroos can hop up to 40 miles per hour and go over 30 feet in one hop.
  3. When standing, roos often use their muscular tail as an extra leg.
  4. An adult male is called a buck, boomer or jack; an adult female is called a doe, flyer, roo, or jill. A baby is called a joey. A group of roos is called a mob.

Plush Kangaroo by Webkinz

Webkinz Plush Kangaroo

Webkinz makes such adorable plush toy animals and this little Kangaroo is no exception. Measuring 8 x 4 x 4 inches, it's just the right size to cuddle. Recommended for ages 5 years and older, this cute kangaroo won't end up forgotten in the closet.  "Bouncy" is a good name for this plush Kangaroo.


Kangaroo Wooden Toys

Wooden Kangaroos
Miniature Waldorf Wooden Kangaroo Toys

This pair of Waldorf style miniature wood kangaroo or wallaby toys is perfect for a Noah's Ark collection or your own miniature zoo.  They are hand cut in a scroll saw from 1/2" thick cherry wood, then sanded smooth, and finished with a natural beeswax and organic jojoba oil polish.  They measure 2 1/4" tall by 2" long. 
These kangaroos can be found in the Etsy Shop called "Ooh Look! It's a Rabbit"

What Do You Do With a Kangaroo?  Would you tell that (bossy) kangaroo a thing or two?

Available on Amazon

This long 48-page book for ages 4 years and up is unusual in that small children happily sit through the entire reading of the story -- again and again! What Do You Do with a Kangaroo a charming tale about a very fearless little girl who takes charge of a number of animals that are attempting to take over her things. The ending is delightful. 

Highly recommended by both parents and librarians.


The National Symbol of Australia -- the Kangaroo -- Is now recognized throughout Australia in symbols and emblems

Qantas Airlines uses the Kangaroo as its Emblem

Qantas Airlines of Australia (cc on Wikimedia)

Known as the "Flying Kangaroo" because of its logo, Qantas Airlines is identified by a white kangaroo on a red triangle on the plane's tail. 

Only in Australia would you find this road warning sign:

Kangaroo Crossing (cc: Wikimedia)


Symbol of Kangaroos on Australian Coins:


(cc on Wikimedia Commons)


  1. The Kangaroo was featured on the Australian pre-decimal penny coin.

  2. The Kangaroo was also featured on the Australian pre-decimal half-penny coin.
  3. Five Kangaroos are currently featured on the Australian one dollar coin.


What Do You Know About the Koala?


  1. The Koala has soft, woolly fur that is light-gray to brown, and it has patches of white on the chest, neck. and ears. This fur protects them from cold weather and rain
  2. Koalas have rough pads on their feet and hands which are used for gripping the trees they live in.
  3. Koalas eat mostly eucalyptus (gum tree), chewing these tough leaves using their powerful jaws.
  4. The koala measures 2-3 feet long and can weigh from 10 to 30 pounds.

    For More Information About the Koala... Check out this Site!

The Koala Book

The Koala Book

It's no secret that koalas are some of the best-loved creatures in the animal kingdom. Now for the first time, the koala's story is portrayed in a large format with 160 striking photographs and accompanying text. 

Darling Plush Koala

Sidney the Plush Koala by Melissa & Doug

Wood Koala Bear Toys


Koala Wooden Puzzle

Intricate Scroll Art...

Makes a Delightful & Unique Wooden Puzzle for the Koala

Andy Huebner of Edgewood NM loves to create with a scroll saw. He has a wide range of intricately detailed wooden products in his Etsy Shop, from plaques to shelves to household décor. But my favorites are his delightful wooden puzzles. This wonderful Koala Wooden Puzzle has seven (7) pieces that also spell out the word Koala!

To see all Andy's items, come visit his shop at Huebys Scroll Saw Art on Etsy.

Wooden Koala Teether

Organic Wooden Teether. Beech Koala Teething Toy. Hand-carved Teether. Natural Baby Toy. Eco Friendly Infant Toy.

A wooden teether koala made of beech and covered with linseed oil is the ideal first toy for babies to grasp and chew. Sanded perfectly smooth. A unique gift for new parents and their new little ones. 

Created by shalkinadaria of Magnitogorsk, Russia and featured in her Etsy Shop she calls Tiny Fox Hole.

Japanese Koala Eraser Set


Koala Bear Eraser Set

These erasers can be taken apart and put back together again like a puzzle. They fascinate children, who love to collect them. I've purchased several for my 10-year-old grandson and sent this Koala eraser to him for Christmas last year for his growing collection!
*Caution: Not for very small children or pets, due to small pieces. Wonderful collectibles for older children. My 10-year-old grandson loves them!


What is a Joey?

 Baby kangaroos and baby koalas are both called "Joeys'.

Koala Tree with Kangaroo - A Playmobil Zoo

Koala Bears with Kangaroo by PlayMobil
This play set includes koalas, kangaroos, and other accessories. The baby koala can be clasped onto the back of its mommy. The baby kangaroo can fit inside its mother's pouch. Recommended for ages 4 to 8.


The kangaroo and the koala are popular around the world. So, thanks for visiting these selections of adorable Australian animals.  Whether you like kangaroos or koalas best, this gift guide will give you some fun ideas.


  1. Now, who wouldn't just love every one of these koala and kangaroo gifts? I like both the plush and the wooden toys. My boys enjoyed Playmobil when they were little, so I might have to choose that cute play set, if I had to choose just one.

    1. Thanks for visiting, Susan. I love both kangaroos and koalas. They make such fun gifts in any form.

  2. My friend and her hubby spent a month in Australia, and I was shocked at just how close to their friend's property Kangaroo are! and there were so many of them them, so cute, and big too - they have a ton of photos from that trip featuring many Kangaroos

    1. Very cool, Barbara. I bet your friends had a wonderful time in this fascinating country. I once almost moved to Australia.

  3. I absolutely love kangaroos and koalas! They are both adorable!!! All of my life I have been fascinated with kangaroos. When I was a little girl, my dad said he would bring one back to me when he went to Australia. I always took whatever my dad said as a rock solid promise, even if the word "promise" was never used. He told me in recent years that after he said that, he would never be able to go to Australia because, of course, he could not bring back a real kangaroo. I always think of Dad when I see a kangaroo.

    All of your featured products are fabulous! I especially love that stuffed koala. He looks like he is just waiting to be hugged!

  4. I love both kangaroos and koalas, Mouse. Loved your story about your dad telling you he'd bring you a kangaroo if he ever went to Australia! You ought to get him a little toy kangaroo as a fun gift to tease him. :)