Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Wintertime Wall Clocks

Wall Clocks for the Winter Season


A Wintertime Scene in the Woods
Vintage Nature Magazine Wall Clock
Clocks are not just for telling time, but can be a beautiful part of your home décor. When wintertime begins in the northern hemisphere, our thoughts turn to the winter holidays of Christmas and New Years. It's also a time when the 'winter weather' brings out our favorite winter sports.

Here are a few wall clocks I've found that might fit your 'wintertime' mood, winter decorating theme, or be the perfect holiday or birthday gift for your winter sports fan.  Wall clocks can be a perfect 'fit' for any occasion.


Rural Country Barn Print Available on Amazon

Let it snow... let it snow!

Bring a touch of color to a lovely winter snow scene with this 'Red Cardinal in the Snow' clock. Picture this clock in your red & white kitchen, or as a peaceful picture of winter in the living room. Pretty and practical for your winter décor.

A Southerners' View of Winter

My view of winter where I live on the Southern Georgia coast! 

Although snow (seldom) comes to southern portions of the U.S., there have been times when there has been snow on the 'beach'.  There were actually a few flurries in the air in January 2016 when the 'Blizzard of 2016' made it's way up the East Coast.  This beach scene on a wall clock will keep you 'warmer' no matter where you live just by viewing the tropical scene.

And we do get some cold temperatures when the 'deep freeze' extends downward from our northern states.  I like to tell my son in Iowa that he left the 'backdoor' open again and all that cold air drifted down south! :)


Christmas Decoration in a Wall Clock

 Messages of the Holiday Season

Enhance your Christmas décor with a holiday design in a wall clock situated above or near your Christmas Tree. Bring your 'Christmas Clock' out each year along with your tree and house decorations. A wall clock uniquely for the holiday season!

This beautiful clock is handmade by Jennifer of Australia and featured in her Etsy Shop Nchanted.  Done in classic Christmas greens and white, this clock becomes a lovely decor for the holiday season.


Freeride Skiing Action Photo Art Print on Amazon

Wintertime snow sports are fun and fascinating. From snow skiing to ice skating, from sledding to riding a snowmobile, winter & snow offer a good time.

Wall clocks picturing these winter pursuits bring back happy memories of time spent enjoying the winter days.

Wintertime and Snow Skis Go Together

Snow Skiing Wall Clock is a Fun Reminder

Is it snowing? Then it must be time to get out the snow skis and get ready for your favorite winter sport!

Old-Fashioned Sled…

Makes a Charming Wall Clock for Winter Décor

A little red sled such as this takes us back to a simpler time when sledding with your friends was the perfect thing to do on a sunny winter day.  

My favorite childhood sledding hill was in Ellison Park in Penfield, NY just down the street from my grandmother's house!

Ice Skating

Ice Skating as a Sport -- the Game of Hockey - Represented in a Wall Clock

Hockey Goalie Ice Skating Wall Clock
This 10" wall clock is  perfect for my son and brother-in-law -- both huge hockey fans. 

My son's favorite form of this sport is roller hockey he played on a recreation team  in Denver.

My brother-in-law Michael taught hockey to children and has been an ice hockey fan his whole life.  His greatest thrill was being in attendance at the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, NY on the day the United States won the gold medal with a win over the Soviet Union that became known as the "Miracle on Ice".

Wintertime Wall Clocks

From winter sports to wintertime holidays and events, a wall clock with one of these themes makes a delightful way to decorate your home for the season of winter. 

(c) Wednesday Elf. Article written 1/26/16.  Updated 12/3/2017


  1. It's fun to change decor with the seasons. I never thought about using clocks that way. Wow, these are some great examples clocks for winter. Thanks for the great idea and the inspiration!

    1. Wall clocks are a quick and simple way to change your decor with the seasons. With so many subjects to choose from, one can find just the right scene and style for decorating. Plus, besides being decorative, wall clocks are useful.

  2. Very pretty! Anything with a winter scene is a likely item to make it in our home - we have two prints featured on our walls with a Winter theme, now I want to add a wall clock :)

    1. It IS fun to decorate with season-related items, Barbara. Thanks for your visit.

  3. I often think of decorating for each season. I never do. Haha. I like this collection and LOVE that barn print.

    1. I love that barn print too, Dawn Rae. It reminds me of a country winter from my childhood days. :)

  4. So many beautiful clocks! They are all quite lovely. That cardinal just reaches out and grabs my attention. What a lovely addition any of these clocks would make to any room decor, but especially my kitchen.

    1. A red Cardinal against a white snow background does make a pretty scene. Glad you liked it, Mouse.

  5. Very nice indeed! Timely too! (no pun intended) I like the Cardinal as well, he's just such a handsome bird. One of my winter favorites.

    1. A red cardinal against the snow is so beautiful, I agree. Thanks, Olivia.

  6. I do love that cardinal clock, but with Christmas just around the corner, I am quite tempted by that "Messages of the Holiday Season" Christmas tree clock.

    1. That's a special clock, Mouse, cleverly handmade. Such a talented artist/crafter.

  7. So many lovely clocks.

  8. Specialty wall clocks not only are a practical item, but add to the decor too. You've picked some lovely and fun ones here.