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Dandy Dinosaur Gift Guide

Scale diagram of the largest known dinosaurs (Wikipedia)

Dinosaurs are extinct, seen today only as dinosaur bones in museums.  But the fascination of dinosaurs has brought us books and toys, images on clothes and household items and more - in just about any form you might want.  

What Do You Know About Dinosaurs?

Jumbo Dinosaurs found on Amazon


  • The word dinosaur is a Greek word meaning 'terrible or powerful lizard'.
  • Dinosaurs were reptiles existing over 65 million years ago - and are now extinct. Some species of dinosaurs were the largest known land animals of their time.
  • Some dinosaurs ate meat (other animals) and some were only plant-eaters.
  • The first dinosaur fossils were found in the early 1800s and, today, fossil dinosaur skeletons (and sometimes replicas) have been major attractions at museums all over the world.
  • Dinosaurs are usually described as having limbs held erect beneath the body. 

Handmade in Crochet Dinosaurs

 Stegosaurus and Tricerotops Dinosaurs in Amigurumi crochet

The different types of dinosaurs are well known by children who love them, with their long scientific names rolling off their tongues with no trouble at all.

Here are replicas in crochet of two favorites ~ the Stegosaurus and the Tricerotops.  They are handmade in yarn by Mevvlin of Portugal, and softly stuffed to be a favorite plush toy dinosaur for a child.

These two dinosaurs, along with a plush Spinosaurus, an Amigurumi Ankylosaurus, the T-Rex and all the rest, can be found in Mevvlin's Etsy Shop she calls Mevvsan.

Mevvlin also features lots of other plush animals in her shop, along with the patterns to make them yourself if you are a crochet crafter. 

RAWR means "I Love You" in Dinosaur!

cute dinosaur rawr shirt
cute dinosaur rawr shirt by bunnieclaire

Dinosaur designs are popular on clothes

Wooden Dinosaur Toy


Wood Sauropod Toy
Wood Dinosaur Toy Sauropod

Travel back to prehistoric times with this large sauropod type wooden dinosaur toy.   This is a Waldorf style toy that encourages creative, imaginative, pretend play.  It is also perfect for exploring science and natural history themes.

This dinosaur was cut from 3/4" cherry and is 6" high by 7" long using a scroll saw, sanded smooth, and finished with a natural beeswax and organic jojoba oil polish.

Sauropod toy dinosaur is the creation of Susan of Wentzville, Missouri and can be found (along with a wide variety of wooden scroll saw toys, key chains, home decor, and pendants) in her Etsy Shop called "Ooh Look, It's a Rabbit"

Barney the Friendly Dinosaur


Barney on Amazon
Barney was a popular children's television series with children imagining something and Barney coming to life from a plush doll and transforming into the "real" Barney how he appears to the children while they're imagining. What child from ages 1 through 8 doesn't remember 'Barney'. :)

Barney likes music and singing and loves making new friends.  He likes to remind children that "they can be anything" they want to be.

This 8" Barney Plush Doll is just the right size for little hands to hold. 

Available on Amazon
Designed for little 'dino' lovers in the toddler and pre-school range, this board book would be fun for any age child who loves dinosaurs.  Lots of photos showing off these extinct reptiles we've come to know as 'dinosaurs'. 

SWEET Dinosaurs!

Dinosaurs have to eat.... or rather, you could eat a 'dinosaur' with this collection of Cookie Dinosaurs!

dino cookies
Dino Cookies on Etsy

Dinosaurs are just one design baked by Shannon in her Ohio baking business. She creates cookie shapes of all kinds for her Etsy Shop known as The Sweet Shop Cookie Company.  Shannon says cookies are her 'passion' and she says "the cookie is my canvas. I love creating these special works of art."

Plush Dinosaurs!

Dinosaur Plush Playset on Amazon

This darling dino plush playset comes with 5 different plush dinosaurs in assorted colors with a carrying case

The Good Dinosaur

Available on DVD

What if dinosaurs never became extinct? What would it be like to have humans living on the same planet as dinosaurs?  Find out in this animated movie from Disney where Spot the human and Arlo the dinosaur meet and become friends. The Good Dinosaur now available on DVD.

Thank you for Visiting this Dinosaur Gift Guide

This dinosaur gift guide has a little bit of everything DINOSAUR, from books to toys to sweet cute cookies.  More dinosaur gifts will be added as time goes by.  Check back anytime to find your favorite form of dinosaur!

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  1. Very interesting. I love the tshirt!

    1. I do too, Carol. Cute message on that T-Shirt. :) Thanks for visiting my dinosaurs.

  2. Ah, dinosaurs! My son would have loved every one of these guys, probably a few he would still love today too. Dinosaurs are always fun and "in style".

    1. The dinosaurs will always be loved as long as there are little boys (and girls) around. They hold such fascination for everyone.

  3. I believe everyone in my family has gone through a dinosaur phase. Now my grandbaby has the dinosaur bug. And these are adorable dino items.

    1. Thanks so much, Dawn Rae. I think every family has dinosaurs at one time or another. Plush dinosaurs, naturally, are my favorite! :)

  4. Love the crocheted dinos! lol - oh and barney was a big part of our life when the boys were young!

    1. My 'kids' grew up with Barney too, Barbara! :) Thanks for visiting.

  5. Thinking back to when my kids loved dinosaurs. I still love them, especially these!

    1. I don't think dinosaurs will ever stop being popular. Maybe you have to become 'extinct' to gain such fame! :)